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Herbal Elixirs, Teas, Superfoods & Supplements

Organic, healthy pure plant teas
To know how cherries and strawberries taste,
ask children and the birds.

Herbal elixirs or syrups, as they are often called, are a pleasant and effective way to take our herbal tonic or remedy delivering wholesome, balancing nourishment that increases overall vitality. Many herbalists consider the elixir to be the ultimate form of herbal tonic that is more concentrated than herbal teas. This is especially so if they are made with an understanding of the energetic nature of each plant to support the multi-layered human being; body, mind and spirit. Elixirs were advocated by the healers of ancient times and were certainly a practical solution for preserving herbal actives in times when refrigeration was not a household luxury.

One can create a complimentary synergy of helpful herbs that work like a team, compounding the beneficial effects of each individual herb to benefit different aspects of our health, be that for respiratory function, immunity, sexuality or even brain function. One of the most common forms of herbal syrup is for coughs, but they can also address a wide range of ailments.
To take a herbal tea is so much more than just having a healthy drink. The focussed desire and intent to embark on our very own healing journey with herbs is a powerful way to understand the true nature of our physical and mental constitution. It can be so much more worthwhile if we perceive this simple act as an opportunity to unlock the powerful, magical and transformative gifts of the plant world and engage in a relationship with our green allies and their medicine. This is when we can get to experience real, life-affirming and holistic herbal therapy that is so easy and accessible to return the body to a state of natural balance so that it can heal itself.