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Massage Oils and Creams

Pure plant essential oil massage oils
Live simply. Deepest joy is like a flower,
beautiful in essence.

One of life's most pleasurable experiences would have to be receiving a good aromatherapy massage. Like the aromatic bath, massage is a truly divine way of getting the essential oils into our body.
The therapeutic properties of the plant oils combine with the power of human touch to promote healing on many levels for our body, emotionally and physically.
It is an instinctive act for us to touch and rub a painful spot on our body, and from this primitive reflex the concept of massage has evolved into a sophisticated therapy where the hands are channels of healing energy. Different cultures have developed their own techniques, but they all share the same faith in the healing powers of human hands on human bodies.

With aromatherapy, we add to this ancient art of touching one of the treasures from nature’s pharmacy - essential plant oils, just as the ancients would have done. The right essential oil blend for massage can treat a whole host of bodily ailments. Besides these therapeutic values we must not forget the indisputable cosmetic benefits of massaging the moisturising and healing oils into the skin. Active medicinal constituents of the plant oils are delivered into the bloodstream, immediately bringing relief to troubled areas.
Quality of the oils is paramount to achieve positive results. Tinderbox massage oils use the finest cold pressed oils as a base; these are often macerated in appropriate healing herbs, before quality, pure essential oils are added.