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 Pure plant essential oil perfumes
Be more yourself. Be more than yourself.

Tinderbox perfumes are based on aromatherapy; they are all made with natural plant smell, an important part of the plant’s power.

The nose knows the silent language of plant scent. Pure plant aromas pleasure our senses - they make us happy and happiness triggers positive reactions in the body. It is not just a pleasant smell in itself that is healing, but the essential oils used in the right therapeutic context. A good perfume must be capable of producing the most positive emotional response. These are perfumed portals that catalyse a shift in conscious state, sweeping us into the specific space that we choose to realise the highest potential of Self. These are perfumes of passion and savoir faire to inspire and ignite our imagination; digging deep into our inner world, they cultivate exquisite awareness and beautiful light, enhancing the strength of our energy field with spiritual electricity pulsing through our being.

Each inhale of an artfully designed pure plant perfume brings us immediate awareness to the very moment where we might ask ourselves; 'Am I awake?';  an opportunity to grow out of a smaller way of being and open to our authentic spiritual nature.

To know that these pure perfumes are a product of the natural plant world, and not synthetic laboratory concoctions, brings about an authentic sense of well-being. So why does Tinderbox only use botanicals, in an industry so reliant on static synthetics? Synthetic or inorganic substances are not dynamic: they do not contain any 'life-force' - the impulse found only in living things. Everything is made of chemicals, but organic substances such as essential oils have a structure, which only Nature can put together.

The power of natural essences derives from their complex histories as well as from their ineluctable earthiness. They possess a compressed vitality, a bioactive power that cannot be measured by chemical analysis, but which manifests itself in their potent effect on our emotions and states of consciousness.

Tinderbox perfumes evolve on the skin, changing over time and responding to our unique body chemistry. They blend with our own pheromones naturally, enhancing and exaggerating the personal aura that emanates from us. They allow us to experience life afresh, setting the imagination flowing and lend us a powerful way of transcending each prosaic day.