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Aromas for the Home

Pure plant essential oils aromas for the home
We shape the clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside
that holds whatever we want.

The more people surround themselves with natural scents the better. Our noses will be grateful, increasing our sense of well-being. These aromatherapeutic Tinderbox products can form a significant part of the daily regime that the aware person needs to maintain to help the body in its fight against disease of both body and mind. They are also a joy to use.
Essential oils are germicidal and bactericidal meaning they kill germs and bacteria. They also eliminate offensive odours due to their antiseptic qualities, by not merely masking the bad smells but actually altering the physical and chemical molecular structure.
The fumes of synthetic aroma taken into our noses over a long period of time could do injury to our physical health and have negative effects on our emotions, determining how we feel. Those minor skin allergies, sinus difficulties and unaccountable, irritable moods that manifest often in your family could well be attributed to the secretive fragrant additives found in so many other products.
The Tinderbox Aromas for the Home range holds a variety of products to turn mundane tasks into those of the divine, whether it be cleaning, washing or deodorising. We also have created a range of practical blends, made only using pure essential oils. These have a variety of uses and are also ideal for oil burners.