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Herbal Teas: A Renaissance of Self-Care

Herbal Teas: A Renaissance of Self-Care

You must be completely awake in the present to enjoy the tea. 
Only in the awareness of the present, can your hands feel the pleasant warmth of the cup. 
Only in the present, can you savour the aroma, taste the sweetness and appreciate the delicacy. - Thich Nhat Hanh

The herbal cuppa runneth over

THERE IS something quite special about preparing, brewing and sipping a herbal tea for ourselves; in the very effort there lies a deep impulse to actualise our own healing and take charge of our own health.

Herbs may certainly be used by experienced practitioners to treat serious physical issues, however they are also outstanding allies for preventative care and emotional support.

When used as part of a treatment plan that includes healthy diet, movement and lifestyle choices, they can have a profoundly positive impact. Indeed, drinking herbal teas is a very real way to create a lasting healthy habit in our daily diet.

A herbal tea is an infusion with boiled water of almost any plant. It might be a singular herb or a blend of leaves, fruits, bark, roots or flowers.

When we take time to make ourselves a soothing cup of herbal tea, we are allowing our self to go within.

We soften our thoughts and begin to hear the voice of our intuition and the intelligence of the plants themselves that speak to us.

Drinking herbal tea allows us to reap all the plant’s benefits in a form that is easy to digest. We don’t need to be master herbalists to alchemise and extract actives from plants, we just need to get out our favourite teapot and make a herbal brew for whatever ailment we may have or mood we wish to acquire.

Plants create and replenish human tissue

When ingested as a whole plant, the entire broad range of nourishing and restorative plant constituents - including the minor ones - are utilised by the body, mitigating the intensity of some of the more intense actives. Our bodies recognise and make good use of the bio-chemicals in plants because we have evolved with them over millennia.

At the sub-atomic level, there is little difference between plants and humans; there is no difference in composition between any things at the sub-atomic level.

Plants and Human beings are both expressions of cosmic intelligence, fashioned from different combinations of the elements as well as expressions of everything with which they react.

Every plant absorbs Prana (life force) and Ojas (nutritive essence) of the soil into its body, transforming them into foods, medicines and oils for the benefit of other beings.

Possibly the most powerful medicine that plants bring to us is the ability to evolve in a spiritual way.

The conjunction of their essence with our own brings us knowledge, life and healing.

Humans cannot live without plants because we cannot create tissue directly from sunlight, water and air, as plants can.

The human genome and plant genome both contain around 25,000 genes. Both human and plant cells contain six identical organelles or active components, which include cell membranes, mitochondria and the nucleus.

Within nature itself, there is an invisible animating force that manifests itself differently in every type of plant.

There is a herb for every human ailment

The individual plant represents a particular quality of life force appropriated from its supplier, the infinite source of Nature.

These qualities are unique to each plant species to ensure its viability and integrity for survival and proliferation. The specific configuration of life-force manifests in the plant, defining its substance and etheric body and will provide us with what is required for our healing if we align with the one that resonates with us.

Understanding this, we can trust how herbal tea replenishes and augments our human constitution so holistically.

When we recognise how each herb is a unique expression of source, a little magic happens when we resonate with it and it reaches us on our deepest levels.

When we use healing plants, our energy merges with their energy and in doing so increases our life force.

When we merge with something other than ourselves, it is a transcendental experience, because it transcends the limits of ourselves.

Keep a special teapot specifically for herbal teas

In our modern pressure cooker lives that demand everything be instant, we too often grab a convenient tea bag and pop it into a cup of hot water.

We get what we put into this paltry effort – merely flavoured water. If however, we want a real, spiritually and physically beneficial tea ritual with full-bodied satisfying flavours then it is best that we use whole herbs and an actual teapot to draw out the myriad healing constituents that are lacking in teabags. 

It is worth taking the time to set our healing intention and be fully present and deliberate with every detail of our ritual.

When we internalise and pay attention to our every breath and movement, our minds and bodies become integrated.

We relax, become calm and concentrated and as a result, joyful.

We can speak into our tea as we slowly sip it, asking it to heal us because we know how well water responds to positive sound.

We feel the sensation of the tea in our mouth and roll the flavours over our tongue before tracing its passage down our throat.

It would be wise to approach our herb tea with a neutral impartiality and leave our preconceptions and judgements about what tastes good behind.

The flavours of herbs have a specific medicinal job to do and will not always taste like a sweet chai latte. 

Sweetish flavours build tissues and calm nerves. Sour flavours cleanse tissues and increase absorption of minerals. Salty tastes lubricate tissues and stimulate digestion.

Bitter herbs are significant liver tonics, detoxifying and lightening tissues. Pungent herbs stimulate digestion and metabolism. Astringent herbs absorb water, tighten tissues and dry fats. Adaptogenic herbs build our vital reserve and replenish core energy.

Herbal Renaissance of self-care

Tinderbox supports your stand to take care of your physical body, after all it is what carries your soul around in this material world.

We understand the nourishing and transformative nature of plants very well and this is an artisanal collection of wholesome herbal teas that respect the complex multi-layered human being.

Imbibe each tea’s unique flavour, savour its best intentions and smile, as life just gets better.

For a more detailed look at our range of herbal teas click here.


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