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Friends of Tinderbox

Loyalty Program

Who is eligible?

Everyone who visits our Balingup store and makes a retail purchase is eligible. If you are coming through and don't visit often, you can even add your purchase to your friend's account, they'll thank you for it and it's a nice gift for recommending us.

How many points per dollars spent?

For each $10 spent at our Balingup store you get one point. One point equals $1 to spend on your next visit. So, if you spend $100 today and mention your name in-store, we'll apply 10 points to your account - which means a $10 discount the next time you're in town. And it does go in increments, so if you spend $75.60, you'll earn 7.56 points - that's $7.56 off your next purchase.

How do I earn points?

Each time you shop at Tinderbox in Balingup, simply tell our staff your name and they will apply points to your account based on this purchase (1 point for every $10 spent). If you spend $100, you'll have $10 to spend on your next visit - which you can use then or save up for later.

Who is not eligible?

If you are a wholesale customer you can't earn points. Loyalty points can't be earned or redeemed online at tinderbox.com.au or any Tinderbox stockists. You can only earn and redeem points at our Balingup store.