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Easter Gifts

Nature's sweetness for the skin and body

Tinderbox has many products with a sweet theme that are perfect as an Easter gift. They're wholesome for the body and healthy for the skin.

Brown Sugar Body Buff: A completely natural body scrub. Restorative sugar enters deep into the pores to remove excess dirt and buffs away dry skin cells; while the nourishing oils enliven and tone the skin.

Raphael Perfumes: Featuring cacao absolute, Raphael spray and cream perfumes uplift, inspire and expand your comfort zone.

Cacao Maca Chai Herbal Brew: This comforting and invigorating drink combines luxurious, antioxidant-rich cacao in it’s raw state with wholesome maca and authentic chai spices. A delicious, healthy hot chocolate.

Honey & Liquorice Elixir: This fortifying and flavoursome elixir features the rich nutrients of real raw honey and the goodness of liquorice and other specialist lung herbs.

Rosehip & Elderflower Elixir: A  pleasant and effective way to deeply nourish, balance and increase vitality. Add to hot drinks, desserts, bubbly beverages and cocktails. A natural fruity syrup to add to soda or still water, bubbly, cocktail, hot drinks or dessert.

Cinnamon & Spice Elixir: A natural chai syrup for your favourite drink or dessert. Make your own chai latte with this cane-sugar free honeyed elixir. Add to hot drinks, desserts, bubbly beverages and cocktails.

Face Scrub:  A deep pore cleanser to treat blackheads, clogged pores and remove dead skin,  featuring real raw honey.

Botanical Moisturisers: Cacao butter is a feature in Tinderbox Day Cream, Lip Salve, Night Cream, Precious Renewal Cream and Massage Cream.

Raw, Organic Desserts: Divine Treats made by us including herbal power balls, chocolates and slices. An evolving, revolving selection only in our Balingup store in Western Australia.