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Edition 18 - July 2016

New website

New website coming soon @ tinderbox.com.au

With a new section exclusively for Tinderbox retailers with information for staff training and customer feedback. You’ll be able to easily make your order online - contact us with your preferred email and password or we’ll be in touch soon.

Five Top Tips on Tinderbox Conditioner

Tinderbox Conditioner for All Hair Types has a new label and easy-to-use utility bottle. Find out more about this conditioner's pure plant protective powers, in Five Top Tips.

Five Top Tips on Tinderbox Deodorant Dusk

Same recipe, but with an updated label. Yes, it's got a guy on it but it's a completely unisex scent. See Five Top Tips for more information.

Using Essential Oils during Pregnancy

The current Tinderbox newsletter looks at how to safely use essential oils during pregnancy, childbirth and while nursing. We put things in perspective, balancing the necessary precautions without getting caught up in the prevalent exaggeration.
Head to the news page at www.tinderbox.com.au or click on the link here.