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Edition 37 - February 2018

The ocean irons its creases; cotton white seams on a blue-green dress

Endless Summer


Enjoy the last blast of blazing sun and ocean dips 

. . . and when you can't, here's some Tinderbox products to keep you cool

Lavender Splash - a scent of Tranquility: An all over body spritzer and deodorant that you can keep in the fridge to add that chill factor.

Deodorant Dusk and Dawn: Gentle, soothing and protective herbal deodorants created with only pure plant ingredients. Prevents unpleasant odours without inhibiting the natural skin functions.

Bug Free Oil and Gel: The heat continues and so do the flies and mozzies. All natural insect repellents in water or oil base options.

Fruity Ginseng Refresher Herbal Tea: Steep hot and serve cold with ice and lemon for a refreshing herbal lift.

Lavender Balm: Menthol gives this balm a cooling effect, particularly when rubbed on the temples and nape of the neck.

Night Cream: Regenerative after-sun care for dry and delicate facial skin.

Five Top Tips on Aphrodisi Massage Oil

Aphrodisi Massage Oil can be used for massage, in the bath or as an accessory in Tantric sex. Go to Five Top Tips to find out more.

Five Top Tips on Cedarwood Essential Oil - Virginiana and Atlantica

Find out the similarities - and the subtle differences - between the Cedarwood from the US and Morocco. Got to Five Top Tips.

Turning down the heat

Inflammation can be helpful and a hindrance, but more importantly, it can be eased. This month's news looks at essential oils that can help soothe inflammation. Also in this newsletter is a profile on aromatherapy newcomer, Australian native Fragonia.

On the Move

Out Now: A second Cedarwood, Virginiana, has been added to the essential oil range. Other new releases are: Australian Buddha Wood, elite Geranium Bourbon, the full distillation Ylang Ylang Complete, liquorice-like Star Anise. To come is spiritual Palo Santo. See our latest order form for details

Rolling Out: Bright new labels for Day Cream, Face Scrub and Face Pack jars.

Coming Soon: 150mL pump sizes for Calendula Cream, Fire and Ice Sports Gel, Day Cream, Hand Cream and Chickweed Lotion.

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