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Edition 30 - July 2017

Nature always wears the colour of the spirit.


Herbal Hair Oil

Starring kendi oil for shine and lustre

Hairvens Above! Herbal Hair Oil Treatment is an exceptional intensive conditioning treatment that brings lustre, body and health to all hair types. Formerly Hair Conditioning Oil, this favourite now has added kendi oil. Kendi, sometimes known as candle nut oil, is rich in Omegas 3, 6 and 9 and high in fatty acids. It absorbs effectively into the scalp yet stays on the hair strand to offer longer protection. Other hair-loving Tinderbox products include Beard Oil for Men, our Shampoo range and Conditioner for all Hair Types.

Five Top Tips on Breathe Blend

Tinderbox Sinus recently got a name change to Breathe Blend and Breathe Blend Kit. There's so many uses for this blend, from steam inhalation to making your own breathe easy chest rub. See Five Top Tips for more.

Five Top Tips on Scent Shifter Essential Oil Diffuser

Shift Scent - Shift State. Be the boss of your own moods. New from Tinderbox, a quality ultrasonic essential oil diffuser made from real bamboo. Go to Five Top Tips to see just what this Scent Shifter can do.


On the Move

Due July 1: Tinderbox Scent Shifter - a bamboo ultrasonic essential oil diffuser. Beautiful and safe to use.

In development: Remember Healthy Colds and Flu Season Tea? This echinacea-based tea is back, as Wellspring Herbal Tea. Recommend to your customers for fortification during the flu season, an immune booster when they are feeling flat and also to relieve symptoms associated with a stuffy head.

Stay tuned for our new Herbal Brew - Turmeric and Wattleseed Chai Herbal Brew. A perfect winter warmer. Brain Booster Memory Herbal Tea is also on the cards, with new cleansing tea Inner Radiance Herbal Tea to follow.

Our Oil Infusion range including St John's Wort, Organic Calendula and Organic Arnica will be re-bottled in larger 60mL blue glass bottles in coming months. Also added to the range will be Organic Rosehip Oil.

Breathe Blend is now going out in orders, replacing the Sinus Blend (same recipe). 

The new Divine Car Blend, Memory Kit, Bath Oil, Children's Blend and Lavender Splash labels are going out in orders, with other label revamps to come soon: Special Body Rub, Plant Power Body Rub, Relaxation Massage Oil.


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