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Edition 27 - April 2017

There is nothing in the world of art like the songs mother used to sing.


April News

Take Tea with Mum - Mother's Day, Sunday May 14 2017

In preparation for Mother's Day, we take a look at Tinderbox products that celebrate motherhood. Rooibos Chai Herbal Brew is a relaxing drink and a rich, caffeine-free nightcap • Precious Renewal Cream hydrates delicate skin, especially around the eye area, while softening fine lines • Rose Radiance is a truly feminine face or body spritzer to brighten the spirit and gladden the heart • Relaxation Massage Oil because every mum loves a shoulder rub. Purely botanical and delivers profound relaxation for all types of massage.

Five Top Tips on Herbal Mustard

Tinderbox Herbal Mustard got a revamp recently, upping the flavour but keeping that same old unique blend of English and French mustard. See Five Top Tips for more on why it's become so popular.

Five Top Tips on Night Cream

How well do you know one of our favourite products? See Five Top Tips for five things your customers want to know about Tinderbox Night Cream.


On the Move

Over the next few months several new products are undergoing label revamps: Pregnancy Belly Rub, Special Body Rub, Plant Power Body Rub, Children's Blend, Relaxation Massage Oil, Hair Conditioning Oil (with added kendi oil), Bath Oil, Lavender Splash. Look out for their release in your coming Tinderbox orders.


Tinderbox on Social Media

Tinderbox is now on Instagram @tinderbox_reflections and get some inspiration on marketing Tinderbox in your store. You can also visit us on facebook /tinderboxsparks. Follow us and we'll follow you back!