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Thank The Trees Special

Breathe - Thank You Trees

Save 25 per cent on some of our favourite treasures from the forest

Enter TREES as the discount code when you check out and the savings will be applied.

Perfumes: Ode to Orange Spray Cologne - Sandalwood Cream Perfume - Trust Chakra Perfume
For the Home: Wood Polish
Incense: Aphrodisi - Holy - Shape Shifter - Wild Heart
Herbal Brews: Cacao Maca Chai - Organic Turmeric Wattleseed Chai
 Body Oils: Beard Oil - Plant Power Body Rub
Essential Oils: Buddha wood - Cedarwood - Cypress - Eucalyptus - Frankincense - Palo Santo - Pine - Sandalwood

Ends Friday 1 November 2019 and available only at www.tinderbox.com.au (not available in-store).